Why I Care & My Caring Philosophy

Caring makes us truly happy because deep inside we know that we are just pure energy of love, we are all connected in spirit and we are all ONE!

However most of us cannot hear our inner voices so we believe the following: we're all separate physical individuals. Each one of us needs physical resources to be happy but resources are limited. Therefore individuals are naturally selfish; we must fight each other hard over limited recourses which are needed for our individual happiness.

Some of us own many resources but at the end we feel empty and feel nothing can make us truly happy.

Luckily some of us finally hear our inner callings for unconditional love. We begin to explore spirituality and meditations to make the inner callings loud and clear so we can go beyond the illusions of physical world and find true happiness by discovering the inner unconditional love or oneness.

All my life, I hear my inner callings to love and care for all beings. That's why I am in business to use my life-time cultivated Qi to heal, inspire and lead people so people can end sufferings, transcend and find the ways to go back to their real timeless happy homes which are "oneness".

How I Care With 5 Qi elements

To help you end sufferings and make you truly happy, I bring you holistic wellness by offering the 5 Qi (High Energy) elements:

Qi Healings

Qi Products & Super Teas

Qi-Gong & Meditation Workshops

Qi Lifestyle Coaching

Qi Community

All other wellness centers only offer one or two things from the above list. No one offers the complete holistic list like above.

I am your holistic Qi lifestyle supercenter which offers all the 5 Qi elements, needed to perfect your body, mind & spirit.

In addition, the content of my 5 Qi elements is one of a kind and immensely powerful; No one offers the same kind and strength of Qi healing, Qi products/teas, Qi-gong/ meditation sessions, Qi coaching & Qi community like I do.

Trying is believing! Now you can try my healings demos for free!


How I Have Evolved To Promote Tea Culture &

Care With 5 Qi Holistic Elements

Since I was little, I always looked for the meaning of life. Finally I found it in Buddhism and its meditation. 

In my journey as a spiritual Buddhist, I discovered strong connections between the 3 aspects: meditation, tea culture and holistic wellness.

Driven by my compassion to change lives, I created my business "I CARE Qi Healing and Tea World" to promote the 3 divine aspects.

The 3 aspects work together like this: 

Chinese monks found tea drinking very much helped them become clear, calm and grounded so they could easily meditate. As a result, monks started Mindful Tea Culture.

And this tea culture is the essence of holistic wellness for the reason below: super teas (not available in conventional stores and are only known by Chinese tea connoisseurs) have the highest vibrations in the herbal kingdom!

Mindful Tea Culture means the following:

(1) When you PRAY in a tea ceremony first before drinking super tea, you are READY to become ONE with tea's high vibration.

(2) As you DRINK tea mindfully in a ceremony, you physically and spiritually become ONE with tea's amazing energy; your level of energy becomes high overall.

(3) With a high level of energy overall, you see no point living lives with bad energies such as eating bad, lacking exercises, addicting to too much technology & drugs. Instead you choose to embrace holistic lifestyles for body, mind & spirit.

In summary, Super teas have a highly meditative/grounding energy which inspired monks to create Mindful Tea Culture which in turns helps people embrace Holistic Lifestyles which focus on 5 Qi (High Energy) elements.

In other words, tea culture is the means to promote and reinforce the 5 elements of holistic lifestyles. By drinking tea mindfully with the help of a tea ceremony, one will naturally embrace the 5 Qi (High Energy) elements:

(1) Qi healing

(2) using Qi products/ eating Qi foods

(3) Qigong/ pure meditations

(4) Qi coaching from Qi masters

(5) making Qi friends in a Qi community